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The QPMS GmbH is dealing with the development, production and installation of quality, process and regulating systems for production plants since 1996.

We supply monitoring systems, that measure, supervise, visualise and document process parameters and quality characteristics of the products, to be applied to existing or new production plants.

We are specialized on applications in the following fields:

  • tube and profile welding lines (HF-, ERW- ,Laser- und IGT- plants)
  • rolling machines for the production of double-wall brazed tubing
  • welded strips  (electron beam welding)
  • production of wire

We offer services and measurement technology for examination, diagnosis and elimination of quality or stability problems in the mentioned plants.

Our customers achieve considerable economic benefit with the monitoring systems by means of quality improvement in the production, improved process ability of the plant as well as documentation of the quality and production processes.