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Monitoring- systems for continuous production processes

Development and installation of Quality- and Process- Monitoring Systems with a special Software for online Quality- and Process Monitoring in welding lines for tubes and profiles, in the production of bands, wire and other plants

The emphasis is on computer based monitoring systems for:

- HF- welding lines for the production of longitudinal welded tubes and profiles
- Arc welding-, electron beam welding lines for tubes and bands
- Rolling machines for pre bending of double brazed tubes for automotive components

Measurement technology for quality and process parameters
Development and installation of measurement systems for process parameters
like welding temperatur, pressure of rolls, band thickness and for quality parameters like welding seam quality and tube geometry

Software for process- and quality- documentation
Data evaluation and analysis programs for the certification of quality ability
and for the optimizing of the manufacturing-plant.
Documentation of the production and all testing results, for example for
automotive components, API tubes, etc.
Database with comfortable serch functions and outcome overviews.


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